Mentor of the Center for International Protocol of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

In 1990, he formed the Russian Presidential Protocol Service, which he led until 2000. From 2000 to 2011, he served as an advisor to the President of the Russian Federation.

Awarded the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” (4th, 3rd, 2nd Classes), Order of Friendship, Order of Alexander Nevsky, Decoration For Impeccable Service and citations from the President of the Russian Federation.

The Soviet Union, including Latvia and Georgia, Cuba, Russia are among the countries V.N. Shevchenko, a globally minded person open to new opinions, views, approaches and people who created the new Russian protocol was appointed to work. Much of what Shevchenko implemented in the Russian national protocol is still the basis for protocol standards.

Author of such books, as Protocol of the Russian Federation (Protokol Rossiyskoy Federatsii), Protocol of the President of the Russian Federation (Protokol Prezidenta Rossiyskoy Federatsii), Everyday Life of the Kremlin Under Presidents (Povsednevnaya zhizn Kremlya pri prezidentakh). He is probably the only protocol professional, who became a media personality and wrote a book about his work at the Kremlin.

He believes that the protocol helps mend relations between public officials and understanding between the nations is doomed to aggression and conflicts without it.

Vladimir regards his family an important part of his life. He met his future wife when he was 9. Likes theater, traveling, communications with people.


Head of the State Heraldic Service of the Russian Federation since 1992. That same year, appointed Deputy Director for Research at the State Hermitage Museum, he had been working since 1969. Heraldry and the Hermitage are two essential lifetime directions for G.V. Vilinbakhov, a twelfth generation noble by birth.

A member of the working group on promotion of the Russian national symbols, he was a father of the laws on the national symbols of the Russian Federation. He maintained the State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation and established heraldic services for a number of ministries and agencies. Member of the International Expert Working Group on Development of the EEC Symbols on behalf of the Russian Federation. Member of the Presidential Council for Cossack Affairs since 2010. Author of numerous military history and heraldry books. Fellow – Member of the Bureau of the International Academy of Heraldry, Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy.

Official Master of Ceremonies of the Governmental Commission for Reburial of the Remains of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and the Members of His Family, Executive Secretary of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the Ceremony of Transfer from the Kingdom of Denmark and Reburial of the Remains of the Empress Dowager Maria Feodorovna – Spouse of Emperor Alexander III at the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint Petersburg.

He was awarded many state decorations, including the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” (4th and 3rd Class), Order of Honor, commendations from the Russian President and orders and decorations of Denmark, Italy, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Poland, Finland, France and Sweden.


In 1998, she hosted Russia’s first protocol conference. Involving the Chief of the Russian Presidential Protocol V.N. Shevchenko. From this day on, it was clear that her life would never be the same. In 2001, she founded the Business Protocol Agency, which throughout all these years has been a leader in training protocol, etiquette and cross-cultural communications specialists in the Russian services market.

Since 2001, she has been helping host big international conferences, forums, summits, among which are the protocol support for the EU-Russia summit in 2008, 39th Chess Olympiad, Biathlon World Championship, Biathlon World Cup, International IT Forum involving BRICS and SCO, Protocol Service international forum and other events.

In 2010, she opened the Center for International Protocol and Cross-Cultural Communications at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

In 2007, she became a personal consultant and advisor to several Russian and Kazakhstan ministers and regional leaders in communications, protocol, personal career development and interactions with the outside audience. She has been specializing in protocol training sessions since 2014. A frequent guest on radio, TV shows and an author of numerous articles and publications dedicated to protocol, management in official event arrangements and cross-cultural communications.

With a passion for the human behavior biology, Gilana believes that if an event is arranged it should affect life values of a person meaning it should be held “with all heart.”

She also likes driving, reading, white wine and new people she can talk to.


He currently holds the position of President of Grupo Escuela Internacional de Protocolo and President of the Organización Internacional de Ceremonial y Protocolo.

From his own company he participated in the manangement of more tan 200 companies, not only dealing with the economic aspects but also with its institutional relations.

As a speaker, he has been present in more than 400 conferences, all around the world, focusing on the areas of Corporate Protocol, Protocol for the Tourisim Industry, Official Protocol and Protocol for Sports Events.

He is also involved in the academic community as professor in the subjects of Event Management and Corporate Protocol. His research work is mainly about Corporate Protocol, which conclusions are currently being followed in the whole Corporate community. And also, he has developed a meaningful research on New Technologies Applied to Protocol. He participated in the creation of the first informatic programe for Protocol, “Protocol Manager”, which meant a qualitative leap in the Event Management arena.

He is a reference person required in all television and radio interviews related to the Protocol. He has collaborated in countless Spanish magazines and newspapers regarding Protocol issues. He is a special delegate of CNN covering the main institutional events that have occurred in recent years as the Enthronery of His Majesty the King of Spain, Philip VI, as well as the weddings of Prince Wiliam and Prince Harry of the United Kingdom.



President and founder of the Society of Institutional Studies (Seeii) and Director of the Institutional Studies Magazine - International Journal of Research in Institutions, Ceremonial and Protocol.

Her latest publications are Manual of official protocol and ceremonial law of the State, Madrid, Síntesis, 2017; Event Organization Techniques, Madrid, Síntesis, 2016; History of the Ceremonial and the Protocol, Madrid, Síntesis, 2015; Foundations of the Ceremonial and Protocol, Madrid, Síntesis, 2017 (2nd edition).

She was awarded the Prize of the Social Council of the UNED (1997), for her study material and the National Prize of History of Spain 2009 for the

work "The King. History of the Monarchy", 3 vols. (Madrid, Planeta, 2008) of which she is a co-author.

She likes to travel and meet new people and cultures. A movie lover and passionate about books.


PhD Candidate in Social Psychology. International speaker in congresses and disciplinary seminars. Member of the International Organization of Ceremonial and Protocol (OICP). Co-creator of the Coat of Arms and Official Flags of Los Mistoles and Simbolar (Córdoba). Superior Technician in Ceremonial and Protocol. University Technician in Social Communication. Specialist in Vexilology and Heraldry.

He is passionate about writing which has led him to publish historical research books as well as documents and disclosures related to Public Relations, Ceremonial and Protocol. He was distinguished by the provincial Legislature, the National Senate and local governments for his historical researches.

From a very young age he devoted himself to education being currently the principal of the Manuel de Falla Institute on several levels.

He participated as a jury in the election of flags in different municipalities and communes of the Republic of Argentina.

Among his hobbies are philately and numismatics which is why he has participated in multiple national and international exhibitions. He has always participated in Non-Governmental Organizations.


PhD candidate in Social Psychology. International Speaker. Honorary member of the Association of Professional Public Relations of Córdoba (ACREP). Adherent Member of the Professional Council of Public Relations of the Republic of Argentina. Specialist in Ceremonial and Protocol. Specialist in Vexilology and Heraldry. Postgraduate in Strategic

Communication. Degree in Public Relations аnd advertising. Organizational Mediator. Visual Communicator.

Creator of the Official Flag of the Province of Córdoba and co-creator of the Official Flags and Coat of Arm of Los Mistoles and Simbolar (Córdoba). He has participated as a jury in the election of dozens of flags in different municipalities and communes of the Republic of Argentina. He has received the recognition of the Legislature of the Province of Córdoba for his contribution to the creation of provincial and municipal symbols.

As a child he practiced the most varied sports, managing to excel in judo. He is passionate about chess. His other passion is music. He has written and composed more than two hundred works in the most varied musical genres.

He considers the Protocol as the true engine of civilization, to the point that argues that without protocol chaos would reign


Bachelor of Laws, PhD Law & Social Sciences student (Spanish Open University – UNED); Master’s Degree in Protocol, Communications & External Relations (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – ULPGC); Specialist Degree in State, International & Ceremonial Protocol (University of Oviedo); University Expert Degree in Institutional Relations & Protocol (UNED); Advanced Diploma in Spanish & International Protocol and Ceremonial (Diplomatic School, Spain’s Foreign Office).

Now he manages protocol and ceremonial events in his city. Hes point, that protocol, as well as the organization of general protocol events, are tools and means for institutional promotion. As such, they are also a stimulus and a reference for the recognition and reputation – namely, the key strategies – of organizing public institution.

Themember of Society for Institutional Studies (Seeii)Spain’s Protocol Society (AEP). Peruvian Society of Ceremonialists (APCER) – International member and Foreign Affairs Secretary. Member of the ‘History of Legal & Political Thought’ Research Group – UNED.

Highly active, managing profiles such as Protocol in the Canary Islands and History of Protocol and Ceremonial. He like reading, travel.


Academic Director of the Mediterranean Institute of Protocol Studies (IMEP). Bachelor of Political Sciences. PhD in Communication and Protocol. She has completed the master's degree in new trends and innovation in communication and in event management, protocol and corporate communication.

She has 9 years of experience as a consultant and teacher in communication and protocol, interculturality her specialty. She works in Spain and internationally, leading projects within these subjects in Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico and Saudi Arabia among others. Author of the book Protocol to do business with Spaniards.

For Diana, the protocol is a discipline that has demonstrated its evolution with society, becoming increasingly necessary also when it comes to interacting in business with people who belong to different cultures.

Recognized with Napolitan Award for influential women of the year in communication in 2017, Victory Award for best research in 2016 with a work that links politics and protocol and in 2014 to the best political blog about education in communication, etiquette and protocol. She has been recognized too as a young promise of the sector, with the Young Event Professional 2019 award at the MPI Iberian Award 2019.

She likes debate on Twitter, movies, travel, writing and animals.


Japanese etiquette and protocol specialist, European social etiquette specialist, ETIQUETTE748 Founder, RANEPA Lecturer, Member of the Protocol& Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association. In 2017, she scooped the National Protocol, Etiquette and Image Award in the Contribution to the Profession Development and Promotion category for the ETIQUETTE748 education project. Organizer of and participant in international conferences, forums and meetings hosted in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Mongolia and Japan. She has been living in Japan for more than 13 years, working for the Russian-Japanese company, often traveling to other Asian countries, such as China, Mongolia, South Korea, Singapore. Elena studies special aspects of etiquette practiced by representatives of these cultures. She also studied the European etiquette in Great Britain, France and Italy but her main area of expertise is the Asian etiquette, which she is currently researching. Exploring traditions of the Oriental countries, their history and culture. Learning the Japanese calligraphy and playing golf. Both of her hobbies are tied to culture, tradition of respect, politeness, etiquette and attention to other people. Improving professionalism is an important part of Elena’s life.


She has three official Masters and doctoral studies in Protocol, dealing with his thesis on diplomacy and protocol in Spain. She works as a freelance protocol and events consultant as director of her own company.

She has contributed to the development of numerous integral communication projects and events, advising as Chief of Protocol in the realization of several International Congresses. Collaborates with the "Canary Institute of Protocol and Events" in the realization of networking and events.

She teaches at the University and in several public institutions teaching protocol and events. She participates in radio and television programs as well as advising on protocol for correspondents of written press. She has numerous publications on the subject.

Member of the Institutional Studies Society and several protocol associations.

She loves to read, learn and spread the science of protocol.


She holds a degree in TV production. From 2005 to 2011, she worked as a journalist and an editor for the online political outlet Ukrayinska Pravda. This time gave her invaluable experience in communicating with representatives from all levels of government.

From 2011 to 2015, she worked as a television producer specializing in reality shows. It was a great experience of using different behavior models for achieving the goal as fast as possible – organize filming or get the necessary emotions from real people with a completely different social background varying from dock workers to Olympic champions, showbiz celebrities or government officials in other countries.

Since 2015, she has been focused solely on etiquette, body language and profiling – everything that should help self-represent oneself and establish useful contacts.

From April 2018 to April 2019, she worked together with Brand Agency, which developed the personal brand of an “etiquette specialist.”


Mr Artsishevsky was born and raised abroad in a unique Russian etiquette culture preserved by first-wave Russian emigres.

He led the State Protocol Directorate at St Petersburg's Committee of External Relations for many years and was responsible for international events attended by Russian political elite (G8, UNESCO's 35th session, EU-Russia summits). He was also one of the leaders of the working group tasked with the reinterment of the remains of Czar Nicholas II and his family members.

Mr Artsishevsky founded the Efficient Communication Center, wrote and hosted training programmes dealing with etiquette and protocol, and led a continued education programme for St Petersburg Government's staff that he also authored.

Artishevsky penned According to Protocol, as well as kids' books on etiquette, and business etiquette guidelines for public officials. He authored and hosted the Ivan Artsishevsky's Workshop on the Echo of Moscow in St Petersburg public radio.

Artishevsky is a recipient of the 300th Anniversary of St Petersburg and 1000th Anniversary of Kazan medals, the 200th Anniversary of the Russian Foreign Ministry badge, as well as letters of gratitude from the President of Russia, the Governor of St Petersburg, President of the United States George Bush, President of France Jacques Chirac, the Swedish and Spanish queens, and other heads of state and government.

Artsishevsky is the official spokesperson of the Romanov Family Member Association in Russia. He is a member of the Paris-based Union of Russian Noblemen, and the International Union of St Petersburg Residents. He is a keen student of natural sciences and philosophy, has delivered lectures at Boris Yeltsin National Library and the Russian National Library, and enjoys traveling.


The President of the Italian National Association of Public Bodies Cerimonialists (ANCEP).

Began his professional activity abroad, working for prestigious hotel chains in France (Deauville), Switzerland (Crans-sur-Sierre), Germany (Cologne), England (St.Mawes ). In London, he had the chance to make a splendid experience in the Trust Houses and in some Royal Houses.

He returned to Italy, first to Rome and then to Trieste, engaging himself in this sector specific professional training. Since the early 1980s he has been serving as Chief of the Ceremonial of the Cabinet Office of the Presidency of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a position he has held until the end of his professional commitment in the public administration.

Today he collaborates with various institutional and private bodies. One of the first founding members of ANCEP, in 2013 he was elected its President with a three-year term, which was renewed in 2016 and in 2019. He is currently engaged as a ceremonial consultant for the Presidency of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and is a member of the French Reseau du Protocol.


He has more than 30 years of experience in protocol work. He has experience in teaching courses on protocol to the staff of the Canary Public Administrations from Spain.At present serving different administrations.

For Luis, the protocol is a discipline that helps society understand and know its institutionals representatives better.

He likes reading, traveling, music, especially classical.


A certified protocol consultant, an expert in Italian Protocol and Ceremonial, member of ANCEP – Italian Association of Protocol Experts, and a conference interpreter. Her portfolio includes +500 conferences and high-level meetings, coordination of tailor-made programs for VIP events in Italy and all over Europe. Her clients are Italian and Russian politicians, representatives of the EU agencies, European and Asian business leaders and international personalities.

As a representative of a new generation of protocol experts, Violetta studies new trends in international diplomacy and the effects of digital diplomacy on the protocol sector. She believes that emerging technology trends can enhance protocol routines and improve event outcomes.


Ambassador Olaph Terribile is currently Chief of staff of the office of the President. He has served as the personal secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Malta and as Director of Protocol and Consular Services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malta for a number of years.

In his 35-year diplomatic career, he served at various missions overseas including Beijing (the People's Republic of China), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), London (United Kingdom) and as Malta's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Geneva.

Since 2004, Mr Terribile has been a regular lecturer at Diplo Foundation where he lectures on protocol procedures including practical exercises on etiquette. He is also a visiting academic member of staff at the University of Malta where he gives lectures in diplomacy.

Mr Terribile holds an MA in Chinese literature from the University of Hebei in the People’s Republic of China

He likes cooking. Еspecially to invent a new dishe


He graduated at University of Milan in Government and Public Policy, and in Political Sciences and then after one year in a Public Relations and Marketing Private Company, entered in Public Administration. He has worked for the Administration of Regione Lombardia since 1999.

He is now Director of External Relations and Protocol in the Presidency of Regione Lombardia, with the mandate of coordinating all the external relations of the administration with other Regions and Institutions. He is also responsible for the organization of meetings and ceremonies and for the whole preparation of official representation.

Не was a head of delegation of a humanitarian mission in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, to provide medicine and first aid assistance in Port au Prince and to organize a transfer of 7 families seriously injured, to be treated in Lombardy hospitals. He was also the chief of a humanitarian operation during the Libyan conflict of 2011. This operation led 25 people to come in Lombardy Region to be treated for free in high level health structures, according to their different needs and injuries caused by to the conflict.


Leading the Protocol Service for over 12 years. He organized and took part in the biggest oil and gas industry events in the past decade. He leads the press service, PR, production group (photo and video content, documentary and fictional motion pictures, etc.), protocol and events departments. Rufat is in charge of two corporate magazines and an outside TV channel. All entities he is in charge of have been formed and built from scratch.

Author and organizer of numerous big corporate and state events (up to 50,000 people) in different countries. He took part in the National Days of Azerbaijan at the World Economic Forum 2011-2019 in Davos, National Days of Azerbaijan at the International Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland; organized the UEFA Euro 2016 Trophy Tour and Display at the Milan Expo 2015 and UEFA Euro 2016 events. Rufat developed a concept and took part in formation of the Petroleum History Museum.

NAPS Professional Award winner. Awarded several national decorations.

A golfer and a jazz fan. Like traveling unknown routes. A history expert. Studying practical philosophy


20 years of experience in Event Management and strategies, State Protocol, V.I.P. handling. Manager of 450 successful international events at the highest level, most of which in the field of diplomacy. Personally met with 37 Heads of State during official visits, 17 of which that attended abroad and 20 that organized and managed in Italy.

Нe worked for ten years as a Protocol Office operative for the Office of Ceremonies of the Supreme Pontiff (the Pope) at the Vatican. During this time, he performed a variety of official duties for all Institutional Events presided by the Pope, like Consistories for the Creation of new Cardinals and various types of Ceremonies. Particularly significant were his assignments during the preparation of the Conclave for the election of Pope Benedict XVI, as well as his role in assisting for the official events related with the beginning of the Pontificate of the cited Pope. Vatican Representative for International Exhibitions.

He also held the title of Curator of the Papal Treasury, Sistine Chapel and Papal Sacristy, passionately caring for the historical art research regarding the inestimable patrimony of the Papal Sacristy composed of liturgical objects, reliquaries and papal vestments, in frequent contact with foreign Representatives and Institutions.

Received 10 high rank State decorations of merit of Portugal Chile, San Marino, Austria, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Malta, Italy.


Founder, trainer and consultant International Protocol & Strategic Networking (The Hague, the Netherlands).

Co-author with Gilbert Monod de Froideville «An Experts’ Guide to International Protocol. Best Practice in Diplomatic and Corporate Relations». He makes projects in Chicago, Kathmandu, Thimphu (Bhutan), Geneva, Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hague.

Beforehand, Mark has worked for The Royal Hashemite Court in Jordan (2008-2009), The Royal Household of the Netherlands (2005-2007) and the Protocolbureau in The Hague (1999-2003).

In his most recent position as Head of Protocol of the City of The Hague (2010-2018), Mark Verheul was responsible for the external relations of the city executive with a wide variety of stakeholders in the governmental, diplomatic, social, corporate and academic world, and was advisor for all internal parties on matters related to protocol, intercultural communication, ceremonies, conferences and events. He also represented the mayor on a wide range of diplomatic events in order to strengthen the image of The Hague as international city of peace and justice.

Member of the supervisory board Holland Dance Festival. Experiencing culture and nature, modern dance, culinary discoveries, classical concerts, contemporary art.


Gary R. Biggs is a veteran protocol officer with over 30 years of experience advising senior officials on a wide range of protocol issues including conferences, special events, ceremonies and foreign and domestic visitor programs.

He is a founding partner of Protocol Partners-Washington Center for Protocol. Additionally, Biggs is an adjunct faculty member at the George Washington University School of Business and a Professorial Lecturer at the Elliott School of International Affairs in Washington, DC and has co-authored and conducted courses at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada and at the Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean in the Institute of International Relations at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Biggs is a member of the Protocol and Diplomacy International Protocol Officers Association. Biggs enjoys a long and distinguished career as a Protocol Officer in the U.S. Department of Defense and 15 years as the Protocol Officer in the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon.

Career accomplishments include: planned and executed more than 60 visits to the United States by high level foreign dignitaries, served as team lead on visits by Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, team lead for the 50th Anniversary of the NATO.


Тhe world-renowned authority on international business and diplomatic protocol. An extensively experienced consultant, trainer, and manager. Holds Bachelor Degree in International Law and Master Degree in Diplomacy from the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies Malta at the time affiliated with the Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

She is recognised worldwide as a selected member of the Who’s Who in the world of diplomatic and international business professional interaction.

Her extensive knowledge and proficiency enabled to work with prominent national governments, international organisations and with the best corporations in the world. Her exceptional training sessions bring unmatched global expertise in the world of diplomacy and business international environment, presented with a unique, diverse perspective.

She is of Slovenian origin, lives in the UK and is married to a Serbian. They have two children.


Marina Fernández first passion was politics, so she got a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and International Relations in the prestigious London School of Economics, LSE.

She landed an internship at an embassy, during which she discovered the remarkable work of the Ambassador ́s team of Protocol, which she quietly observed falling bit by bit in love with a discipline that, although runs deep in her family, she never considered as her career option.

She tied her life with Protocol and Communications, worked with Escuela Internacional de Protocolo, EIP, pursued an MBA in Protocol, Event Management and Institutional Relations.

She currently holds the position of Director of Communications and Institutional Relations. In addition, she is a professor on the subjetcs of Social and International Protocol, and also Event Planning. She also works in institutions such as CEU and Universidad Europea de Madrid.

She is a regular contributor to main Spanish newspapers and televisions, and she had a column in Marie Claire magazine. However, her greatest opportunity in this area came from CNN, that invited her to comment on both British Royal Weddings. She has been a speaker in Protocol conferences, not only in Europe but also in Latin America and Africa.

She has been elected Secretary General of the Organización Internacional de Ceremonial y Protocolo, OICP, a position that she holds with great honour.

She also writes a blog, I Love Protocolo, where she shares her thoughts and ideas on all things Protocol and Communications. And inveterate reader, she can currently be found in Madrid, juggling her career and her lovely kids, enjoying the company of her family and friends and her fleeting trips to Prado Museum.


Aleksandra's background of a US study course, and several internships, both in Russia and international, adds to her 10 years of experience working as an established professional in effective communication and image consultancy, including political image creation.

She has taught for the last 8 years in the CIS and Russia's near abroad where she has held over 500 workshops, lectures, and coaching sessions on image, in addition to her work as a lecturer at Fashion Factory School. Badova has led an original training course on top official image at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). Her key areas are the image of a successful person in the 21th century, and impression management.

Aleksandra founded the Style Expert Club, and is one of the most popular authors of the Yandex Zen recommendation service.

Aleksandra is an avid traveller, and enjoys watching TV shows. She inspires her audiences to makes changes to their style, and beyond.


Director, Digital Business Transformation Competence Center, Digital Economy Development Fund

Yulia is a partner of the Financial Business Development Institute, and ideologist and founder of Business Visioner Group. She is also an ex-advisor to the Russian Minister of Economic Development on support to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Yulia has led an upgrade laboratory, and is an expert in state governance, business development, tourism industry, digital transformation, social communications, and commercial property management. She is a co-author and co-developer of state programmes, national projects, and Russian economic development guidelines.

Yulia is also a public activist.


Elena graduated Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages in Moscow.

For a long time she worked in business, holding such positions as a board member at Interros, the vice president at the Onexim Group, and a department director at Sistema.

In 2010, she headed the International Cooperation Directorate of the Russian Olympic Committee.

She was part of the Expert Working Group under the Russian President that aimed to promote physical fitness and sports, high performance sport, and to organise and hold the 2014 Sochi Olympics and Paralympics as well as the 2013 Kazan Universiade


Counting with a valuable diplomatic career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania (Advisor in the Cabinet of the Minister, several management positions, Chargée d'affaires a.i. with the Embassy in Norway, Minister Counsellor with the Embassy in Spain) and World Tourism Organization (Senior Officer), Anamaria has grown to be passionate and specialize herself in the fields of Diplomatic Protocol, International Business Protocol and Etiquette, as well as Corporate Diplomacy.

After 20 years of diplomatic career, in 2019 she has decided to found Diplomat and Partners International and and bring her international experience and professional knowledge to the creation of Xcelentisima – Corporate and Personal Brandign Academy based in Madrid.

Anamaria´s valuable experience in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Spain has given her countless opportunities to interact with top officials and professionals from various corners of the world. Ever since 2015, she has been teaching International and Diplomatic Protocol, Business Protocol and Corporate Diplomacy at prestigious Spanish universities.

Complementing her diplomatic career, Anamaria has been carrying out a dynamic voluntary activity, being President of the Oslo Diplomats’ Club (2005-2006), President of the Association of Foreign Diplomats in Spain (2011-2018) or Secretary General of the Zaballos Foundation for the Defence of Constitutional Rights (2018 - present).

Her merits were recognized by the President of Romania with the national medal "Diplomatic Merit", 1st class (2007). The Spanish Academy of Diplomacy welcomed her as Academician of Merit (2014), while the Nobility Corps of the Principality of Asturias awarded her the Silver Medal of Honour (2017).


Graduate of the Faculty of Diplomacy and International Relations of the University of Genoa; An expert in matters of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church (University of Lateran), an expert consultant on issues of state ceremonial and protocol, a guest lecturer at SIOI, ANCEP and many universities in Italy.

Author of articles and books on ceremonial and protocol. Since April 2016 - national delegate of the Association of Italian Ceremonies of Masters for events and professional development courses for protocol employees


National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award 2011 winner in the Contribution to Business Etiquette Development in Russia category. Lecturer of the Center for International Protocol of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). Trainer and consultant of several Moscow consulting companies and training centers.

Author of numerous best selling books: «Guest Etiquette or Home Top-Level Reception (Gostevoy etiket ili Domashny priem na vysshem urovne) (2006); Business Card: History and Contemporaneity (Vizitnaya kartochka: istoriya i sovremennost) (2010); And Flora Dropped a Flower for Them…» Flower Traditions and Flower Etiquette in the Russian Private and Public Life in XVIII – XX centuries (I Flora uronila k nim tsvetok… Tsvetochnye traditsii i tsvetochny etiket v chastnoy i obshchestvennoy zhizni Rossii XVIII – XX vekov) (2010); Ancient Flower Etiquette (Starinny tsvetochny etiket) (2011); Tea, Teatime Habits and Tea Etiquette in the Russian Household Culture in XVII – early XX century (Chay, obychai chaepitiya i chayny etiket v russkoy bytovoy kulture XVII – nachala XX vv.) (2016).

Author of a number of scientific publications and numerous articles and interviews dedicated to etiquette, business and social culture problems, which had a significant impact on the business culture development in Russia and outreach and museum and exhibition activities of many Russian museums. Eleonora has an extensive experience in teaching, research and education in the field of heritage knowledge, business and social etiquette.

She believes that knowing the etiquette is mandatory for anyone’s personal and professional success regardless of his or her background, status and overall qualification. She spends a lot of time studying the Russian history and culture, museology and antique business. Likes art, music, theater, animals, always abreast of art events visiting all dedicated exhibitions in Moscow. Eleonora also travels a lot around the world, studies country estates outside Moscow, ancient Russian cities, museum collections and cultures of different countries, collecting materials for her future books.


In 1996 Leontieva founded a firm that specialises in making gifts for heads of states, business partners, and private individuals of different ethnicities and faiths.

She holds consultations on establishing a corporate gift bank, and delivers lectures on the role that presents played in the past and are playing in the presents, as well as on the relevant trends.

She has organised and taken part in conferences, specialised projects and meetings, and has mediated during negotiations.

Tatyana has been curious to find more about the traditions and cultures of various nations, especially what concerns gifts and gift giving.

She is fond of yachting, music, art, history and socialising.


MBA Lecturer in Business Etiquette, Business Communications, Efficient Executive Personal Assistant at several business schools (Russian School of Management, Moscow Business School, SRC Business School, RANEPA, and others.) Leading Trainer of the Executive Personal Assistant School, Consultant at the Business Protocol Agency, Lecturer of Gazprom Corporate University, Russian Fund of Educational Programs.

Before moving to consulting and training, Elena spent 20 years in administration and management at state-run and business companies in Moscow, including in the sphere of the Ministry of Nuclear Energy and aviation industry. From 2002 to 2007, she led the company engaged in the business of aviation fuel supplies (a distributor of France’s NYCO S.A.) for civil aircrafts, which was nominated for the International Award “Leader of Russian Economic Development” in 2007.

Permanent speaker of the Protocol Service Forum and Executive Personal Assistants Forum. National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award 2017 nominee in the Contribution to Business Etiquette Development in Russia category.

Her hands-on experience with foreign partners formed the basis for such business etiquette books, as Jewelry Business. Business Etiquette, By Example of 10 Countries and International Business Etiquette, By Example of 20 Countries.

Currently, she is preparing to publish her new book, titled International Business Etiquette, By Example of 22 Countries of the World.

Keen on aromatherapy, neurographics, graphology, programming. Elena likes learning and gaining new useful knowledge she successfully puts to use in life and her training programs.


Eurhythmics director and teacher; Member of the Guild of Eurhythmics Directors and Teachers.Business Etiquette Fundamentals course teacher at the Executive Office of the President of the Russian Federation, Center for International Protocol at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency. Author and facilitator of corporate training sessions for executives and employees of state-run and business companies.

National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award winner in the Contribution to Business Etiquette Development in Russia and Contribution to the Profession Development and Promotion categories.

Alena Guil has been engaged in the social and business etiquette and protocol for over 30 years. She developed her first programs for theater universities and institutes, which required practical skills of the style behavior for actor and director training. This is how the course, titled Manners. Style Aspects in Behavior of the Western European Society in ХVI-XVIII Centuries, was formed and taught for many years.

Alena Viktorovna’s special highlight is the practical course, titled Russian and European Etiquette of the XIX Century, developed in partnership with Zinaida Konstantinovna Manakina, a graduate of the Smolny Institute.


Anna-Roza dreamed of becoming a fashion designer as a young child, and took up bespoke dress making from the age of 12. She graduated from Plekhanov Russian Institute of Economics, and was awarded a Fashion Design degree from the private University of Business and Art. She founded her own business in her first university year to make garments under the Anna Rossa brand for the next ten years. Bistroff had become a regular participant in Russian Fashion Weeks, when her UK partners suggested a joint brand that would mix English spirit with Russian spirituality, resulting in ROZA.

Bistroff then opened a boutique in Moscow, and a show room in London's Westbury Mayfair. The Princess of Kent attended Anna-Roza's first London show and went to become ROZA's unofficial representative in her country's higher social circles.

In 2009 Anna-Roza was a designer at the wedding of Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess of Kent, and actress Sophie Winkleman, where she designed the wedding dress, the apparel for the mother of the bride and the six dress for the page girls. UK media reported lady Windsor's ROZA dress to be one of the best in the history of British royal weddings.

Bistroff is also an interior designer, and has 4 furniture patents (commercial expo equipment). She is a committed perfectionist, who considers herself to follow the constructivist approach in design, believing that 'beauty should be functional'.

Bistroff is fond of classical art, Eastern philosophy and haute cuisine, and enjoys mountain tracking.


Specialist expert in etiquette and protocol, confident behavior trainer – thetahealer, fashion and style specialist. Author of 9 books, including best sellers. Tatyana’s book is on the list of upcoming releases in one of the European countries.

National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award 2017 winner in the Contribution to Business Etiquette Development in Russia category.

A frequent guest on different TV and radio shows. Running workshops on major topics of etiquette, true taste and some other related subjects in many Russian cities. Employees of Russian large companies, heads of the regional Dumas and governments, city and republic authorities from all over Russia and Kazakhstan

come to attend her original workshop, titled Business Culture. Corporate Image. Business Etiquette.

She is fond of literature and art, instrumental music from different eras, ballet and painting – she likes looking at portraits and seeking out the spirit of the age. She believes impression is more important than information and goes with her intuition. Tatyana does her best to change the life of people for the better and feel at ease whatever the circumstances.


He dedicated 30 years of his life to the Russian military service and executive bodies.

One of the heads of the protocol department at the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia since 2010.

He provided protocol support for visits of defense ministers and other high-ranking officials from such countries, as Angola, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, India, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Ecuador, Ethiopia. He also arranged protocol support for officials at international exhibitions and shows (MAKS (Zhukovsky), Army, RAE (Nizhny Tagil), HYDROAVIASALON (Gelendzhik), IDEX (Abu Dhabi, UAE), EUROSATORY (Paris, France), AIRSHOW CHINA (Zhuhai, China), DEFEXPO (Delhi, India) FARNBOROUGH AIRSHOW (Farnborough, Great Britain), KADEX (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan), MILEX (Minsk, Belarus), Russian-French military and technical cooperation workshop in Moscow. Vyacheslav has also been taking part in the work of the RANEPA Center for International Protocol since 2014.

Developed several departmental guideline papers, training aids on protocol practices. Convinced that knowledge of guideline papers approved by the President and Government of the Russian Federation is the backbone for the successful protocol practice and a cornerstone for organization of official events.

Likes reading, driving, swimming and shooting sports. Keenly interested in practical forms of protection from manipulative influence.


Author of the book, titled European Etiquette. Conversations About Good Manners and Public Behavior Intricacies. Currently, the best-selling and highly-rated etiquette book.

In 2017, she scooped the National Protocol, Etiquette and Image Award in the Contribution to the Profession Development and Promotion category for the quality content maintained by the ETIQUETTE748 project. Author of publications on the social etiquette in such mass media, as Parlamentskaya Gazeta, VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, The Would. RANEPA Lecturer.

All her hobbies revolve around the profession. Like history, reading, watching themed programs and movies, attending lectures, visiting exhibitions and museums. She believes that it is very important for a person studying and much less teaching etiquette to see beyond the historic kaleidoscope. Ksenia likes traveling, sometimes several times a month, and considers it necessary as she specializes in the European etiquette and talking to local representatives of the high society, visiting people, castles and flea markets are not just about pleasure. She also believes that studying and constantly developing professional skills is important and mandatory for a responsible approach to your business.


A second generation successor to the family jewelry business, she built the Tatyana Goz Jewelry House chain in Kaliningrad Region.

An active member of the Baltic Business Club uniting businessmen from all over Kaliningrad Region since 2010.

In 2012, she started working in a professional capacity in business and social etiquette and applied image technologies. She studied at the International Image Institute in Germany and International Business School. In 2013, she was an intern for leading business etiquette specialists in Italy and Germany.

She writes articles and runs workshops. She is also invited as a speaker to different Kaliningrad business communities. Currently, she is engaged in the business of modern etiquette and image consulting in Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia, organized and held numerous etiquette and image events for private customers and companies; an active member of the team to host the business forum for integration of the Russian business in Germany.

A mother of two, she likes people, studying and traveling and blogging about social media image and etiquette. She is always ready to share her knowledge with anyone who seeks to develop and perfect themselves. Convinced that beauty, live and kindness will save the world.


She works for a big company where she is in charge of business analytics and automation.Best Corporate Director in the Russian Construction Industry in 2011 as per the annual rankings of the Russian leading managers published by Kommersant. She has been setting high management standards, automating and optimizing business processes in hydrocarbon and petroleum product trading and IT for 8 years.

She has been committed to the business etiquette since 2007. Her special passion is the digital etiquette. In all companies she ever worked for she implements protocol standards and ethics of conduct. Convinced, that every self-respecting organization should abide by ethical standards.

Author of business etiquette publications in such mass media, as Cosmopolitan, Consul, etc. She believes that the Russian society has been improved and developed rapidly in recent years, purposefully studying the etiquette. With many years of real world experience, Marina Belyayeva gladly shares it in articles and consultations.

She dedicates her leisure time to the family. Likes alpine skiing, dancing. Fascinated with the ballet.


In 1997, she organized and held for the first time in Russia the professional contest for imagemakers “Businessman’s Image” as part of the InterCHARM international exhibition. Until 2006, she was a regular author and a host of the contest finals. Contest criteria formed the basis for a professional standard of the imagology specialist.

Manager of programs for coloristics, image, PR specialists. Organizer of roundtables and discussions under the Russian Business Culture program of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Exclusive RUDN Top Level Service Project author and leader since 2013.

Studies on the Russian Mentality and Hospitality, Business and Social Etiquette, First Impression as a Tool of Communications, Cross-Cultural Aspects of Business and Social Communications allowed Svetlana to develop a unique project for teaching the business etiquette. Her area of expertise includes: Dress Code From the Tsarist Times to Our Days, Spouses of the Top Officials.

From 2018 to 2019, she was a member of the professional team to develop the Guideline on the Dress Code for Public Officials under the auspices of RNAPS.

Likes combining family celebrations and meetings with friends with historical values. Brut and chocolate addict.


Vladimir worked at the MSU Office of Protocol Events from 2002 and led the office from 2007 to 2017.

Member of the National Board of Political Science Instructors (NBPSI), Member of the Russian Society of Political Scientists (RSPS), Panelist of the Annual Contest “Press Service of the Year.” Leading his inter-faculty original course, named International Business Protocol and Etiquette, delivering the same lectures at several faculties of the Moscow University.

Standing participant in the Protocol Service international forums. National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award winner in the Contribution to Increasing the Company’s Reputational Potential category.

Awarded citations from the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Head of the Executive Office of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, MSU Rector, OAO NK RussNeft, JSFC Sistema.

Passionate fan of FC Lokomotiv Moscow, father of two sons.


Kagramanyan, Cand.of Political Sciences, has been a lecturer at Moscow State Univerisity's Faculty of Sociology and Faculty of Global Processes.

Kagramanyan focuses on the international activities of Business Russia, and on creating mechanisms for the support and promotion of the Russian business community's interests abroad and of international business' interests in Russia.

Kagramanyan began her career as a correspondent for Moskovskaya Pravda. She was the PR Director at TV-Stolitsa and presented the Morning show at RTR. She was also part of the Otechestvo public and political organisation. Kagramanyan has been involved in election campaigns since 1998. These have included Presidential, State Duma, gubernatorial, regional and municipal legislature, and local self-government campaigns.

She has worked at the Department for Cooperation with Public and Religious Organisations, Political Parties and Media at the Domestic Policy Directorate of the Presidential Executive Office. Since 2007 she has co-chaired the Interdepartmental Commission for Fundamental

Principles of Russia's Positioning in the Modern World and the Comprehensive Programme for the Creation of Russia's Domestic and International Image.

Kagramanyan is raising two daughters.


Tim has lectured at Russia's Higher School of Economics, Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and Plekhanov Institute of Economics, and the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Tim brings 9 years of experience in the fashion industry and fashion journalism, and over 6 years of experience with A brands and events. He has published articles in Snob, Kommersant Style, RBC Style, Forbes, among other outlets, and was editor-in-chief at FASHIONGRAPH, a fashion industry business magazine. For 6 years he has been leading the Materialnaya Kultura/Material Culture online project, shedding light on the fashion industry for an audience of over 55 000.

Tim is a guest coach for management of HM, Tommy Hilfiger, Calzedonia, Birdie, Tochka Krasoty, Monet, L’Oréal Academy. He has been leading courses at School Gost, Style Hunger, the Level One project, and has authored programmes at the National Museum of Decorative Applied Art.

Tim has collaborates with V-confession, and has worked with Van Cleef and Arpels, Omega и A.Lange & Söhne, Frame, Van Laack, Barret, Armani, Helena Rubinstein, Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oréal, and Origins. He has curated projects for the Gorky Park Museum, Rustrends, and the National Museum of Decorative Applied Art's Design and Fashion Centre.

He is a consultant for top-level executives at major Russian businesses.

Tim presents Podium with Maria Minogarova at the Pyatnitsa network, writes scripts for a show at the TVTs network, and has been often seen or heard at Channel One, Culture, RBC and the Business-FM radio.


Educational and professional experience: Graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK)

Currently works as the film producer. Valeria has produced eight films: 2020 - "Kola Superdeep" (orig. – "Кольская Суперглубокая"), sci-fi 2019 - "The New Year Repair" (orig. — "Новогодний ремонт"), comedy 2018 - "To Paris! " (orig. — "На Париж!"), war, history 2016 - "House of Others" (orig. — "სხვისი სახლი", co-production of Georgia, Russia, Croatia), drama 2016 – "Suvorov. Alps. 200 years after" (orig. – "Суворов. Альпы. 200 лет спустя"), TV documentary series 2016 – "All About Men" (orig. — "Все о мужчинах"), comedy 2015 — "Christya" (orig. — "Христя"), an acute social documentary about the deafblind inmates cared for in the children`s home

Organizer and participant of international festivals, conferences, forums held in Russia and abroad: Organizer of the New Russian Film festival in Prague Organizer of the Indian Film Panorama within Moscow International Film Festival Organizer of the Russian Film panorama and the Russian Movie market Pavilion within Indywood Film Festival (India)


Being in the protocol sphere since 1999, she has a hands-on experience with the protocol of supreme government institutions and big business. Lecturer of the Center for International Protocol of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Olga worked at the protocol service of the Russian President and Prime Minister for over 10 years. She also served as the Vice President and Head of the Protocol for the Russian Direct Investment Fund for four and a half years, carried out GR projects in partnership with representatives of the Russian business. She made arrangements for over 100 visits abroad and domestic trips at the highest and high level and about 100 visits with business executives. She was engaged to arrange and organize participation of state leaders in the G8, G20, APEC, BRICS, SCO summits, representatives of the big business in the World Economic Forum in Davos, SPIEF, Russian Investment Forum, Krasnoyarsk, Eastern, Exchange, Gaidar and many other economic forums.

She was awarded citations from the President of the Russian Federation, Government of the Russian Federation, Letter of Commendation from the Executive Office of the Government of the Russian Federation. Among her state decorations is also the Medal “For Distinguished Labor.”

Founder of the National Center for Communications, Online GR and Protocol School, author and reader of the Protocol courses.

Philanthropist and volunteer at the Hospice Charity Fund “Vera,” traveler, film producer and script writer.


A member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs' Committee for International Cooperation, Elmira brings over years 8 of experience dealing with international cooperation and protocol.

She has worked at a Russian development institute with a mandate to cover protocol services provision and cooperation with Russian and international public officials and businesses with the aim of enhancing Russia's image as a reliable partner in international economic cooperation.

Elmira provided support to her manager's participation at key international events such as the Davos World Economic Forum, the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, BRICS and ASEAN summits. She has experience organising business missions, and sports and cultural events including Formula 1, UFC, the 2018 World Cup, concerts and expos of Russian art in the Middle East, and providing protocol services at high-level visits to Russia, including by heads of states from the Middle East.

For her efforts in promoting humanitarian and public ties, Elmira has received the Rossotrudnichestvo honorary certificate.

In her free time, Elmira enjoys travelling, attending public and cultural events, art, theatre and classical music.


From 2003 Alexander worked at the Moscow Region Governor’s Office, serving in different capacities at the Protocol Service Department and Office of Decorations and Heraldry. Working at the Executive Office of the Moscow Regional Duma since July 2013.

Advising on the use of protocol practices at the subject level of the Russian Federation at different educational establishments in Moscow.

Going in for swimming, tourism, passionate about electric transport and preferring to use an electric unicycle on everyday rides.


Consulting teacher, etiquette and protocol specialist. Author of a series of workshops and educational programs for adults and children. Lecturer at the Togliatti Academy of Management (TAOM) and Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Togliatti branch.

8 years of teaching and 18 years of management and administrative activities at municipal and business entities in Togliatti and Samara. More than 15 years ago, she first attended an etiquette workshop and has been passionately studying the subject ever since as she understands that it is absolutely necessary to be up to speed on these matters having many meetings and negotiations by nature of her work, including with foreign partners.

She believes it a mission to equip with necessary knowledge and skills anyone, who needs to know how to forge business relations with Russian and foreign partners professionally, act in different business communication circumstances flawlessly and feel confident and at ease at different social events and occasions.

Likes people and the world around her! And traveling. A fan of high-speed rides. Convinced that the family support is an essential component of any success.


Bukharov has been Chair of the Council for Professional Qualifications in Hospitality at the National Presidential Council for Professional Qualifications. He is a Public Ombudsman, tasked with addressing violations of entrepreneurs' rights in the field of hospitality.

Since 2014 Bukharov has been Dean of the Hospitality Faculty at the RANEPA's Institute of Industry Management. Between 2008 and 2011 he headed the Kremlevsky Food Production Plant (Kombinat Pitaniya Kremlevsky). Bukharov has repeatedly been a jury member at Bocuse d'Or in the French city of Lyon.

He is the founder of the Nostalgie, Reporter, Shatyor restaurants and the Vinomaniya magazine. Bukharov has received letters of gratitude from the President of Russia, and the Federal Tourism Agency. He is the Honorary Trade Worker, a recipient of the French Order of Agricultural Merit, and has been recognized as an Honorary Knight of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.


In the protocol sphere since 2010. Years of expertise in working in the Olympic movement (Russian Olympic Committee), arranging “just-in-time” visits of foreign investors to the North Caucasus (Dagestan, North Ossetia), planning and organizing away events all over the world as part of the protocol service for S.V. Kirienko (ROSATOM), participating in major international and Russian forums and summits.

Interests: Arab world, Russian high society, theater, travel.


Teaching consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at MSLU. From 2000 to 2016, he served as the Academic Secretary of the Educational and Methodological Association of Russian Universities for Linguistic Education and the Dean of the MSLU Faculty of Translation and Interpretation. Candidate of Sciences (Philology).

Author of 30 research papers and three textbooks on professional interpretation practices.

French simultaneous interpreting practitioner with 35 years of working experience in the field. He worked as an interpreter in several African countries, accompanied official delegations of the highest level, did consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at different international conferences and forums.

Giving lectures every year on linguistic support of protocol events for protocol service employees under the educational program of the Business Protocol Agency.


In the protocol since 2012. Elena led the service at one of the largest defense contractors. Having been working as a journalist and a PR professional for more than 15 years, she came to understand the crucial meaning of protocol practices in maintaining and promoting the interests of the company and corporate executives. She also completed a further training course under the RANEPA annual program “International Protocol and Cross-Cultural Communications.” Given the special aspects of the protocol services in regions, she reshaped operations of the company’s arm in accordance with standards adopted in the industry. Elena arranged and supported visits of foreign and Russian delegations to defense enterprises, major events involving officials of federal and regional authorities, business executives and representatives of non-governmental organizations. She was awarded citations from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Technologies of Samara Region, Duma of the Samara Urban District. She dedicates leisure time to her daughter’s interests. Her “status” in the ordinary life always suggests the main place.


In 1999 Milkin was ordained a priest in the Nizhny Novgorod diocese. He has been senior priest at the Arkhangelsk Cathedral in the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, and at the Church of the Vladimir Mother of God in Nizhny Novgorod.

Milkin has been provided protocol services since 2003. He was head of protocol for the leader of the Nizhny Novogorod diocese, and led the protocol service of the Moscow Patriarchate from 2009 to 2017.

As head of protocol, he provided relevant services to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, organised events involving His Holiness and top Russian and international officials, as well as His Holiness' foreign and primatial visits to the Local Orthodox and Non-Orthodox churches.

Since 2011 Milkin has been senior priest at the Church of the Great Martyr Demetrius of Solunsky on Blagusha in Moscow.


In the protocol sphere since 2010. Years of expertise in working in the Olympic movement (Russian Olympic Committee), arranging “just-in-time” visits of foreign investors to the North Caucasus (Dagestan, North Ossetia), planning and organizing away events all over the world as part of the protocol service for S.V. Kirienko (ROSATOM), participating in major international and Russian forums and summits.

Interests: Arab world, Russian high society, theater, travel.


Since 2004, Anna has been involved in protocol and organising at the top level, which has seriously influenced her attitude towards life. She believes protocol to be part of her body and soul.

Technological training, a passion for psychology and experience of handling international partners has helped Anna in her protocol work at the high and top levels.

It would sometimes take time for communications with the heads of Russian regions and embassies to become truly effective, but when it was finally possible to achieve a result that satisfied all the parties, it would become clear why the original demands made sense, and why protocol has no insignificant details as well as why there can be no perfect playbook for real life. The right manner of communication will radically change a person's opinion about protocol.

Anna believes that protocol changes with time and requires constant study and analysis. She would want protocol officers to be as passionate about their job as herself, and is ready to ensure this by sharing her experience and knowledge.


Vera holds a PhD in Social Sciences.

She has coached business skills since 1996. She has expertise in coaching and developing personnel of all levels. Vera is a professional coach, a corporate culture management consultant and a certified facilitator (host of strategic sessions, brainstorms, design thinking sessions). She has headed a training centre at a large consultancy.

She has coached a total of 5,000 leaders and staff members, and developed over 40 programmes aimed at mastering skills in the areas of management, business communication, customer-oriented approach, service behaviour and business etiquette.


Grigory organises and holds conferences and strategic sessions with top corporate managers and CEOs. He also develops and launches module programmes, and standalone coaching events for personnel of different levels, in addition to coaching top managers. He has worked with both corporate top management teams and high-level public officials.

Grigory has been personnel director at Mustang Ingredients, CEO at a consulting and coaching firm, an in-house consultant on personnel development for board of directors at a large Russian company, and a project director at Ekopsi Consulting.

He has published a number of articles on personnel management in business and specialised journals, and is a member of the CIS Speakers' Association, and the Russian Coaches' Association where he is also on the Ethics Council.


Olga teaches a course of digital communications at RANEPA's Institute of Social Sciences.

She is the creator of the Digital Etiquette Telegram channel.

She has also penned a book on digital etiquette, which is slated for publication in 2019.

Olga started researching the subject of digital etiquette after realising that she wrote over 100 emails a day and was more of an 'email operator' than the head of PR department. She believes that digital etiquette will make communications more efficient and will help navigate one's way in the flow of information.


Since 2013, Ekaterina has been providing organisational and information support to the Hogland Expedition, an annual project aimed at exploration, nature conservation and popularisation of the Outer Islands in the Gulf of Finland. The expedition is one of the most ambitious projects in the recent history of the Russian Geographical Society.

Ekaterina has considerable experience in welcoming guests, social groups and ethnicities in the extreme conditions of field camps. She is convinced that the quality and level of the event is more dependent on its organisers and hosts rather than participants. 'Caution is your insurance policy against anything going wrong'.

She has authored such books as St Petersburg House of the Russian Geographical Society, and Tales of Russia (a literary restoration of authentic documents dating to 1850-1914 from the RGO archive). She has also written a large number of popular science articles on expeditions and related activities for press and TV media.

Ekaterina is the recipient of the Grand Silver Medal and Honorary Certificate of the Russian Geographical Society, public and ministerial awards.


Petukhova is a guest speaker of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration's International Protocol Centre. She has authored and led coaching sessions on visual positions at Channel One School.

Petukhova has established a logically coherent and intuitive system that provides factual background to the reasons behind and the use of the individual's external image and the latter's ability to influence his or her professional and private life. The system includes historical, psychological, and sociocultural elements of perception of silhouette, colour, and composition that all make up the wardrobe in various professional, social and ethnic communities. Petukhova focuses on consulting clients on corporate ethics of appearance, developing and implementing measures aimed at inducing acceptance of dress code rules and requirements; completing personal wardrobes and shopping support for entrepreneurs and members of various professional communities in Russia and Europe; holding seminars and personal consultations on the creation and transformation of personal image.

Petukhova has co-authored guidelines for public office dress code that were established under the auspices of the National Protocol Expert Association.

She is a guest consultant for the Moscow Government and companies such as IBS, ABB, KPMG, GE, VTB-24, VTB, URSA BANK, Gazpromneft, Slavneft, MEKRAN, Channel One, ASSA. Personal clients include top executives, partners and co-owners at companies such as Gazpromneft, FC Uralsib, Lukoil, Mckinsey, IBS, KPMG, VTB-24, Vimm-Bill-Dann, Bank of Moscow, as well as a number of Russian entrepreneurs and politicians.
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Tarantova leads projects in political technology and public relations, and is an expert in PR, a philologist and an editor.

She has been a practising political strategist since 2001, with her project geography ranging all the way from Sakhalin to Moscow.

Tarantova has focused elections campaigns, and political, consultant and analytical projects. She has led election campaigns at all levels including single-mandate deputy elections, gubernatorial elections; Tarantova has also led a technological group for a candidate running for president.

She has a wealth of experience working in public office, at an integrated PR agency, on television and in print media.

Tarantova loves cooking, reading and her dog, and has been lucky to marry her passion for travelling with her work.


Tuzhilin leads the Protocol Department of Worldskills Russia. He has over 10 years of experience in protocol services. Working at Rosatom's Electrochemical Plan Production Association as Chief of Protocol, Tuzhilin introduced a protocol system that remains a model for other corporations.

Tuzhilin completed an International Protocol Center's programme at RANEPA just as he took part in the 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan. He was the protocol officer at the opening and closing ceremonies of the XVI FINA World Aquatics Championships, as well as of the XVI FINA World Masters Championships.

Tuzhilin headed the General Protocol Directorate of the 2019 Krasnoyarsk Directory as it led preparations for the 2019 World Winter Universiade.

He is a fan of ice hockey and history. Tuzhilin believes that a protocol professional must be ready for any unexpected turn in their professional and personal life


From 1970 to 1992, he served in the military. Middle East expert with forty years of hands-on experience. Mikhail worked for large corporations and led several companies.

He taught at the Higher School of Translation and Interpretation of the Lomonosov MSU. Consulting companies on cross-cultural aspects of working with representatives of different countries.

He believes that not only should managers working in the Arab countries speak the languages but also know local traditions and national peculiarities of the region’s population, understand which values the Arabs embrace and why they should not be expected to give any direct answers, what unites and divides the Arab world.

He also believes that in any case, much depends on the belief in success and the ability to see opportunities in commonplace things.


Author of such books, as Organization of Negotiations, Manners for Career, Athlete and Etiquette and an electronic course of the Moscow City University of Management of the Moscow Government, titled Business Etiquette and Positive Image of the Public Official.

20 years of successful teaching at Moscow universities and institutes. Over 15,000 training participants.

National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award 2014 winner in the Contribution to Business Etiquette Development in Russia category. National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award 2017 winner in the Best Protocol, Image and Etiquette Book category.

She believes that professional success is directly related not only to the ability to perform their job duties in an impeccable manner but also to communications skills, look and behavior.

One of her favorite leisure activities is cooking exclusive desserts and receiving guests, who can appreciate such treats.


Member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research), speaker of international conferences.Game practitioner, designer of intercultural intelligence games and exercises

She has been deeply involved in intercultural communications since 2009. Training business audiences, helping them nurture international business communications and increase efficiency of negotiations through understanding the mentality of foreign partners and their cultural specifics.

Guest Trainer for short-term projects at the Center for International Protocol of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, MGIMO School of Business, RUDN University, Ural-Siberian Institute of Business. Trainer at the МВА Center of the URFU Business School and of the Presidential Program for Management Training. Trainer at the Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship and Department of International Educational Projects of the Ural Federal University (URFU).

Training both the Russian-speaking and foreign audiences. Running international workshops for students from Germany, France, Austria, India, Mexico, Syria, Guinea, Mongolia, Argentina, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, China, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Turkey, Great Britain, USA.

Gamification is Maria Todosiychuk’s true passion and backbone of her methodology. Games and methods by Maria Todosiychuk have gained recognition of the worldwide professional community at the SIETAR 2019 Congress in Belgium. They are purchased by colleagues from France, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and USA.

Maria believes it essential to be environmentally responsible in every possible way, invites her family and friends to adopt the eco culture and philosophy of the ethical way of life and sustainable consumption.


Shirotskaya has been involved in protocol and international relations since 2000. Working with public and municipal authorities she has organised and provided protocol services during official visits of international delegations to the city of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk Region.

Shirtoskaya places a particular emphasis on the development of cooperation with France in the spheres of culture, science and education. She is a co-founder of the Alliance Francaise-Novosibirsk under the Embassy of France in Russia, and has for 16 years dedicated most of her time to the development and management of this information and cultural centre.

In 2018 she organised a unique exhibition of rare Hermes kerchiefs, and a series of seminars devoted to the Franco-Russian relations in the areas of culture and art that took place at the Novosibirsk State Museum of Regional Ethnography.

She is the author and host of the programmes, International Protocol and Etiquette, Business Protocol and Intercultural Communication, Business Dress Code Accessories.

She enjoys travelling by car, parachuting, reading contemporary literature, and immersing herself in French culture.


Ilya is a sommelier with nearly 20 years of experience in the alcohol business. Since 2007 he has been a co-founder of Bio-Wine, which exports and sells organic wine and liquor. Ilya also co-founded a store selling hand-made bottles, and co-owns Smart-Traffic, a traffic management company.

In 2017 Ilya took a decision to make a significant contribution to the development of Crimean economy, and moved to the city of Sevastopol before founding Krymsky Kraft in Yevpatoriya, Russia's only brewery that makes wine beer.

In Sevastopol, he also co-owns a biodynamic winery, and has been a co-owner of the Krymsky Bereg wine company since 2017.


Consulting on management of protocol services and events. On the staff of the Protocol Service of the Government of the Russian Federation since 1997. From 2006 to 2009, she led the Protocol Service of the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

In 2009, after she joined Sberbank of Russia, she formed the Protocol Service with support from the bank’s top management. Use of the government protocol experience in development and management of protocol at Sberbank of Russia is a conclusive evidence that it is imperative international protocol rules and regulations should be applied in business.

The foundations she laid for the Protocol Service of Sberbank of Russia allowed her to win the contest of the Expert Board on the National Professional Protocol, Image and Etiquette Award in the Best Protocol Service category in 2017.

Convinced that the event success is based on the tiniest details of the protocol event elaboration.


Inga began her career in 2009 as an RBC correspondent in the Kremlin pool.

Since 2012, she has led the press service of AO Osobyye Ekonomicheskiye Zony.

From 2016 to 2018, she was deputy director of the communications department at World Skills Russia.

Since 2018, she has been an assistant to Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov,


Olga has over 10 years of experience in consulting business and political leaders in image creation, communication and reputational risks.

She was trained by world-class professionals and accumulated experience to develop her original programme called Final Touch.

She is a go-to coach for several large Russian companies, and a regular guest on radio and television networks. Olga also writes a popular blog offering everyday etiquette tips, and has authored several online courses.

Her musical and artistic schooling made sure that Latin dances, singing, and drawing remain on par with travelling as her favourite hobbies.


In 1990, Felix moved from Germany to Russia where he enrolled at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography to study filmmaking. During his student years, he collaborated with leading German networks as a news producer, and made his own news reports, mainly from hot spots such as Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Transnistria, and Chechnya.

Since 1992, he has staged plays and made films including Demons adapted from Dostoyevsky's eponymous novel.

Felix worked at Almaz Press and led a department at the Gruner+Jahr. He has experience in event planning. In 2002 Felix founded a catering firm called Pishchevoy Tsekh. Creativity, artistic taste, a degree in filmmaking and a desire to give people food to eat led Felix to found Teatro del Gusto where a chef and their sous-chefs perform a cooking-related show for the audience.

During his university years, Felix travelled a lot and even compiled his own culinary map of Russia which shows cuisines of individual villages and towns.

Apart from cooking, Felix is interested in rarities. He restores antique Russian furniture and household items, and collects old cookbooks. He even finds time to star in films, and is a regular guest on popular Russian TV programmes.


Ksenia is in the business of corporate, protocol and VIP gift making. She believes to have found a job that successfully marries the opposites of protocol rules, creativity, kindness, functionality and beauty.

Ksenia was at the head of the protocol and business trip department within the 2018 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee. She has been in charge of protocol for the Chairman of Sberbank's Moscow branch, and headed the protocol service at Mary Kay.

Ksenia is raising a 16-year-old son.


Working for Life Financial Group (Probiznesbank) for ten years from 2005 to 2015, she built a client management department from scratch, starting with building a work team and ending up arranging the workflow for the entire holding. Shishmaryova was the first to introduce a customer-oriented culture and founded a corporate training centre. She introduced value-based management that includes value-based recruitment, loyalty management, improvement implementation, performance management, and team environment development. Her work helped increase business performance by 30-50 percent in 1-2 months.

Before Life Irina was development manager and spearheaded a psychological service at Novoye Obrazonvaniye, a subsidiary of Kinomax.

She has experience in teaching, group and individual counselling, training programme development, and implementing projects that deal with in-house branding, customer-oriented and innovative culture, service quality management, and business management. She has also organised and held conferences, including brand conferences, service meetings, forums and roundtables.

Irina has collaborated on projects with Janell Barlow and Ralph Weikel.

In her free time, she likes travelling and experiencing different cultures. She believes in people, and tries to enjoy whatever life has in store for her.




Since 1999 Pochinok has been a protocol officer at Transneft where she established a modern corporate protocol practise. She led a number of important image projects ranging from a comprehensive corporate rebranding, and social and cultural protjects aimed at strengthening corporate morale to introducing industry-wide Dress Code Regulations.

High professional standards have two times earned the company's Protocol Service the National Professional Award in Protocol, Etiquette and Image.

For her efforts, Zhanna is a recepient of Transneft merit badges, as well as letters of gratitude and certificates from the Russian Ministry of Energy.

Zhanna enjoys skiing, reading and spending time with her dogs.